18 February 2022
An Hour Before It's Dark Pre-Order Update
Happy Friday Everyone,
As you may have seen on social media, we have spent a few days in Blackburn
signing some of the pre-order copies of the album and although the feeling has
gone from our arms, it was worth it - we thank you once again for supporting us.
The pre-order will start being prepared and posted from next week and we hope
that everyone will receive it in time for the release date. But just in case you
don't (as sadly we are not in control of the worldwide postal service), anyone
who has pre-ordered can go to their Townsend accounts on Thursday 3rd March at
11.00am UK time and the album will be there for you to download and listen to.
The reviews have started to come in and we are delighted to see that the critics
seem to be loving it. Some are declaring it the band’s finest work ever. We
hope, most of all, that our faithful fans will feel the same. Reactions to “Be
Hard on Yourself" and "Murder Machines” have, on the whole, been stellar so
we’re confident that the remainder of the music will surpass all expectations.
The best is yet to come, folks...
We can't wait to hear your thoughts. The new music is going to sound huge live
and there are lots of opportunities to see us on tour this year as the world
returns to normal, starting with our Marillion Weekend in Poland in early April.
Check out www.marillion.com/tour for tour dates (more will be added soon).
Strap in, Get Ready!
h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve