“I cannot sleep For all these dreams, They come to play, Till dawn comes stealin' them away..”Fruit of the Wild Rose
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9 April 2019
9th April 2019 - A Few Words From Ian


Is it really three weeks since we were waiting for you all to arrive at PZ?

What a wonderful weekend we had – if we could just find a way to silence the early morning seagull alarm, it would be pretty perfect.

Thank you all for coming and making it so memorable, the boys and I were blown away, yet again, by your enormous warmth - we all had great fun!

Thanks also to those of you who have bought my memoirs, Do I Owe You Money?

It has been amazing to read all your fantastic comments about how much you are enjoying it and I loved meeting so many of you at the book signing.

The first print run of the book has sold out, but we have ordered more and I promise to sign this batch too.

Our wonderful Racket folks have arranged for you to be able to pre-order it and we will send it to you when it arrives in the next two or three weeks.

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS - http://www.marillion.com/shop/merch/book04.htm

Every time I read the word ‘memoirs’, I think it might be time for me to finally buy a smoking jacket.

Watch this space…

Looking forward to Lodz this weekend, then Leicester, Montreal and an exciting new weekend in Lisbon – hurrah!

See you all soon.

Where’s my sunglasses? Is it time for a lie down yet?