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April 16th, 12:48 pm


We are sure many of you will have seen the news but we are happy to announce that we will be joining Cruise To The Edge in 2020. www.cruisetotheedge.com ... See moreSee less


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See you there 😁

Great! How I wish to be there!!

Will there be fish on the boat?

Oh how I wish I could! :( It'd be too expensive for me to go from Brazil... And it ends on my birthday! It would be so perfect 😭😭😭😭😭

Line up is awsome! So is the pricing 😢

Good chances we'll be in the same boat 😊

Nice one guys. It's a lousy job but someone's got to do it I suppose! 😆 ... but get the high factor suntan lotion ordered well in advance!

See you there...again!

Congratulations, but would need to re mortgage to afford a ticket.

See you there...again!


Lindooooo gostaria muito de ver vc Marillion. Mas estou no Brasil você conhece o Brasil?

Please stop by Orlando again upon your return to shore.

US tour as well perhaps?

Will be saving hard😁

I am am so HAPPY about this!

It's a great lineup for the cruise

See you there 😁

You seem to have become used to "boats". 😉

Can’t wait!

How about doing the ferry across the Mersey one year 😉

See you there!!

Matthew Cope

Throw in an Orlando ahow again. Please????

Mark PearsonJane LoomesHelen Pearson Always said I’d never do a cruise....... never say never I guess!! 🙀

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April 15th, 12:32 am


Thank you Lodz for an amazing Marillion Weekend. Off home for a lie down now...we’ll see you soon in Leicester...Amazing closing night of the Marillion Poland Weekend. Dobranoc!
📸 © Anne-Marie Forker www.forkerfotos.com
#marillion #marillionweekend #forkerfotos
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Thank you Lodz for an amazing Marillion Weekend. Off home for a lie down now...we’ll see you soon in Leicester...


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Superb photos from Anne-marie as usual. It looked like an epic weekend. See you in Leicester - woohoo!!!

Those photos are absolutely EPIC. I feel like I've been living in some other world for the past three days. Today's road for work felt really strange. Like coming back to life from some kind of unreal dream. The shows were nothing but amazing, but you fully realize that when you compare those three magic evenings to your daily life. It's surreal, it's magic, it's absofuckinglutely fantastic and it almost makes me cry thinking how this weekend was better than any other weekend of my life. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Beautiful....none of us could ever hope to get such fabulous pics! Thank you for sharing!!!!

Stunning photos. See you in Leicester.😁

What a fantastic weekend from start to finish. I’m still buzzing from it. Can’t wait till my next marillion weekender.

Wow, brilliant photos. H is looking pretty fit. Not long till Leicester 😃😃😃😃

What a fantastic shot of our favorite band. Looking forward to the North American Marillion Weekend in Montreal in May.

Amazing shot...

Thanks for doing all of HITR-Essence, that meant a lot!!

Fantastic shots! ❤️Marillion

Such HUGE pictures !

Amazing photos also 😍

Beautifully captured! ❤️

Jumping around like David Lee Roth? What's in the water in Poland?

I imagine how it must have been, first class, as always. I hope that someday they will return to Chile !. Greetings from Santiago!

Super die größte Band der Welt für mich gr. Aus Südtirol xxx

Did they play "Neverland" this year?

Game of Thrones? Seria o único a não a ter assistido?

Amo, amo, amo!!!😍

Can't wait to see you in Leicester!

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April 13th, 12:09 am


Thank you Lodz. What a fantastic first night. See you tomorrow!

www.facebook.com/forkerfotos/posts/306280233381282Fantastic opening night at the Marillion Poland Weekend tonight! A few quick shots.
📸 © Anne-Marie Forker
#marillionweekend #marillion #forkerfotos
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Thank you Lodz. What a fantastic first night. See you tomorrow!



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THANX A LOT the best band in the world. The Saturday show was stunningly brilliant. A great entertainment and a lot of excitement. Must say that Mr. H is a fantastic singer and actor as well. The rest of the band simply craftsmen.A real appreciation for playing Ocean Cloud which is me and my wife's favourite song ever. Looking forward to to seeing you soon wherever.

Coming from France ! Fantastic night, fantastic city ! Cant wait for tonight ! !

What can I say? You've been bloody fantastic. As always, Guys. Thank You

That looks awesome, and an awesome band too!

Was really a great show, see you tomorrow guys👍🏻

Cameron Packer

Never ending story 😆

see you tonight ! I'm coming from Krakowa. The Neverland is an amazing song of my life - play please :)

I loved it and can’t wait tonights show😍

Can't wait for Montréal 😊

Wish i was there!!!! 🤟🇨🇦

Amazing to be here

2 weeks and counting🎶🎶🎶🎶

The tragic sound of the Friday concert in Łódź. There was no bass. Only medium and high frequencies. It can not be that way, it's Marillion.

Bajka 😮




Chinese Mythology / The Musical / The Movie / The Cartoons / The Ride / The Merchandising / … INTRO Chinese Mythology includes creation myths and legends such as some concerning the founding of Chinese culture and state … the Jade Emperor is charged with running of the three realms … heaven … hell … and the realm of the living … now … Mythological Creatures are as follows … ACT 1 / Dragons … The Dragon is one of the most important mythical creatures … the most powerful and divine creature as well as controller of all waters able to create clouds with his breath with great power … is very supportive of heroes and gods …… Chi … hornless dragon or mountain demon …… Dilong … the earth dragon …Dragon King … king of the dragons … Fucanglong … the reassure dragon …Jialong … dragon of floods and the sea …Shenlong … the rain dragon …Tianglong … the celestial dragon …White Serpent …Yinglong … powerful servant of Huangdi… Zhulong … the luminous celestial torch dragon … ACT 2 / Fishlike ... Mermaid and Kun … ACT 3 / Humanoid … Kui … one legged mountain demon who invented music and dance … Jiangshi … a reanimated corpse … Ox head and Horse face … devils in animal form and guardians of the underworld … Xiao … mountain spirit or demon … Yaoguai … demons … ACT 4 / Mammalian … include … Jiuwei Hu … nine tale fox … Nian … lives under the sea or mountains and attacks children … Luduan … can detect the truth … Xiezhi … creature of justice able to distinguish lies from truths and has a long straight horn to gore liars … Qilin … a giraffe to show perfect good will gentleness and benevolence to all righteous creatures … Pixiu … resembled a winged lion … Xiniu … a rhinoceros with a short curved horn used to communicate with the sky … ACT 5 / Simian … Chinese Monkey … warded of evil spirits and highly respected and loved … Xiao … described as a long armed ape or a four winged bird … ACT 6 / Snakelike and Reptilian … Ao … a giant marine turtle or tortoise … Bashe … a snake reputed to swallow elephants … Xiangliu … nine headed snake monster … ACT 7 / Mythical Plants … Fusang … a world tree home of suns … Lingzhi Mushroom … legendary fungus of immortality … Peaches of Immortality … legendary peaches of immortality … Yao Grass … grass with magical properties … ACT 8 / Mythical Substances … Xirang … the flood fighting expanding earth … b. Performed by Marillion featuring Fish … ? CRS (Circular Rotating Stage)

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