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March 31st, 9:31 am


Still productive while self isolating at home. ... See moreSee less

Still productive while self isolating at home.


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Cool. Looking forward to the fruits of all your labours! On another note, could you give Joe Wicks permission to use your music in his 'PE with Joe' work outs during the isolation period please? I'm confined to quarters (not even allowed out for a run) and would rather listen to your music than George Ezra (lovely though I'm sure he is) during the workout. Cheers.

All the other pictures of the guys have tons of crap in the room, and Mark has 2 keyboards, a computer & 3 mugs! Very minimalist!

Much time to allow the flow of new compilations,stay safe and well with your family,look forward to hearing the new album,thank you. 🙂🙃😃😁

Cheers there Mr. Kelly! You are one of my favorite keyboardists ever and thank you for the music. When this is all over hope to see you in Illinois again . I know the odds are slim and you guys playing the Arcada in St. Charles was an incredible once in a lifetime show I thought at the time...I'll stop rambling....sup Mark. :)

If you had a fiver for everyone who has zoomed in on that screen eh Mark? Mines in the post...🤗

Keep on giving us fabulous music guys... the 🌍 needs that! You're one of my favourite bands ever! Keep healthy and well... ☺ Best regards from Portugal 🌼

My dad has had quite the music recording setup at home for a while. As long as all the bandmembers have the same software and adequate computing power and can sound engineer you can create an entire album at home separated from eachother.

Musicians often write great songs when things are depressing. Maybe when they are out having fun they are not writing music. So I’ve got great expectations of 2021. Let’s face it this year is a bit poo so I need hope

MacMini to produce outstanding music! That was also my choice!

Good to see you're Oké, Mark! Good luck with your ideas for the new album. I hope you and your family will stay healthy! Take care 💕👍

Stay strong, stay safe and stay sane! 😊... hope the isolation and the hard work gives birth to a masterpiece!!! cheers! A

Mark.....a certain Mr Hogarth (looking at his post) is looking for a good cleaner and room organiser😊 Good health.

Stay safe! can't wait to hear the next album!😃

And the famous English Weather through your window!😂😂 take care of you, the band, friends and family

Sure this is gonna be a geat album...stay safe x

Stay safe. Thanks for all this fantastic Music over the Years!

Stay safe Mark - looking forward to the end of this horrible time and the new music ✌️

You like it clear? Looing forward for your new music.

Self-isolating with me myself and I... and my photographer x

Hello Mark, been a while mate! Best wishes to all 👍 stay safe 🙏

How can you work in such a state of tidiness?!

Looks like you are sitting in a prison cell 😉

Are you finally finishing your instrumental album based on Dantes Inferno? 😂

Stay proud and safely!

At last!..... a band member that’s had a tidy up before taking the photos!

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March 30th, 3:59 pm


Trying to find 'some light in the darkness': Marillion Album covers in the era of Covid 19.:) Stay safe and healthy everyone. ... See moreSee less

Trying to find some light in the darkness:  Marillion Album covers in the era of Covid 19.:)  Stay safe and healthy everyone.


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Magnificent album.pure enjoyin. Take me to a fantastic place is my favorite track 🎶

Magnificent Album... Invisible Man is my favorite track

"There's a house in your mind... An attic of treasure... A forgotten pleasure park waiting inside you in the dark... Don't leave it behind!"

🤣🤣🤣❤ off to listen to marbles in the park now peace Cecil

Best album of the years zero. And the song Invisible Man was one of the masterpieces. For the next album maybe a song with the title: Invisible Virus?

Love this album ❤️

Love these covers... a much needed laugh 😂😂😂

Thank you for your music. It helps me to survive every day.

Have you noticed that the first 3 album covers are all exercises of social distancing and isolation (from the real)? And then Torch goes and ignores all medical advice and goes to the pub!

My favourite Album. Even named my dog after it😀 Marbles

I hear you every day :-) in good and bad times. Thank you for your great music for decades. 💕💕💕

All of you as well. Take and stay safe!

Magnificent album! ❤️

The best album...for me...

My god what an album,awesome.

Was mopping my kitchen floor (for the third time in a week) to "Neverland" earlier. The mop was perfect for Steve's solo 👍👍🎸🎸🧹🧹

My favorite? Ocean Cloud! Even if I heard invisible man so many times...

Great lp. Invisible man at the convention. Speechless

Fantastic album!

Great album. LOL

Takie kurwa to zabawne, że aż tylu z was reaguje debilną ikonką super już jeszcze lepiej uśmieszkiem ! Ludzie jesteście pojebani ! Wiecie co to tragedia i śmierć bliskich i w ogóle zdajecie sobie sprawę z powagi sytuacji ? Miałem fanów marillion za mądrzejszych ludzi, jedynych, wrażliwych. To dramat ! Wstyd mi za was i w dupie mam czy to kurwa rozumiecie czy nie ! Nawet nie chce mi się tego na angielski tłumaczyć!

Right now, humour is one of the few things that prevent us from losing our marbles ;)

Need both on vinyl hahahaha

Let´s hope that planet earth will soon be a Fantastic Place again!

Clearly you havent list your marbles yet

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March 30th, 12:32 pm


Greetings from my garage studio! Listening to the writing ideas for the next Marillion album. It’s exciting and frustrating in equal measure as we can’t currently work together in the same room but I can tell that it’s going to be a great album! Stay safe and sane xx ... See moreSee less

Greetings from my garage studio! Listening to the writing ideas for the next Marillion album. It’s exciting and frustrating in equal measure as we can’t currently work together in the same room but I can tell that it’s going to be a great album! Stay safe and sane xx


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You could break up the insanity by giving us an online guitar lesson! Or a tour of your guitar collection!

Just keep making excellent music and when it's all over come on Down under and see how many fans you have here in Oz and NZ

Steve, I'm sure it'll be wonderful... .and although I'd love to hear some of it now, take your time and enjoy the process. 🤞for a double album. Look after yourself.

I have only seen you play once Variety Playhouse in Atlanta). It changed my life. I love to watch videos of you all. Stay safe we need you!💜

You are unbelieved good guitarist! I love your songs and albums from 1970 and 1980 with Fish! Forever your fan! Cinderella Search, Misplaced Childhood, Chelsey monday, etc...I have played violin as a youngster for almost 15 years seversl years ago (I'm now 55), and I must say that I have always liked classic music, heavy music and your Marillion music! 😀

happy to see you safe!!! sure it will be an amazing album...as usual!

Looking forward to the next great masterpiece! Have a blast and take care!

Stay safe and I'm looking forward to the next album! :)

Stay strong Steven that is good news so You are a little working about new album, my fingers are cross, thank You, all the best for You and the rest members of Marillion band and Your families 👌🙂

I too am holed up in a home studio. Limited options and little else to do often help creativity. Though playing email the stems over and video conferencing instead of jamming must get frustrating quickly. Good luck guys carry on and remain indoors.

Can't wait to hear the album and if there happens to be sweet guitar solos, I'll dance with joy ❤️

Not the ideal in my opinion but whole albums were made like this, technology serves a purpose here right? :) Get all geeky and enjoy the creation process!

Looking well. Looking forward to new album. Stay safe

Nice to know that! Looking forward to your new album! Stay safe! Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If Coronavirus features as part of the new album, I’m wondering what you will rhyme with ‘virus’... Papyrus... Mylie Cyrus...?! Erm, perhaps a conceptual approach might work better 😆 Keep sprits up 🌈 - ‘hearing’ forward to it!!

You too! Thank you ! In isolation here, so it helps to hear what you are all up to❤️

I am listening to your outstanding early work on the “Script...“record, now in 5.1.- awesome and a very good sounding piece of music!

Thank you.....I have been listening to you since 1985, I was 13 years old and have always been a fan of your work ..... Thank you for all your emotions listening to you

We can only hope that this enforced separation is so short you only have time for an EP. If it's a triple album we will be in the shit 😂 Stay safe man.

Could you take a clearer photo of your plane clock please, I love it. Also turn the plasma ball on please it would look pretty in your picture xx

Thank you so much Steve and a Marillion. You guys are simply the best!!! USA awaits you.

Now would seem to be the ideal opportunity to add a couple of ten-minute guitar solos while the others aren't looking :-)

Yes Yes Yes Great Great Great 4 the Next Marillion Album 💕

I worry more about our sanity than our safety tbh :-) Having a new Marillion album to look forward to will certainly help the keeping sane :-)

Although it’s difficult, it will be an extraordinary album, because the most wonderful ideas are born from the crisis, a hug!!!!! 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

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