“And the salt water runs, Through your veins and your bones”Estonia
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January 3rd, 2:59 pm


Sending much love and strength to our fans and friends in Australia. We hope that the fires will disappear soon. Xxx ... See moreSee less


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In Perth. Thank you. Come see us down here if you can.

From New South Wales, Thank you. Unfortunately our brave fire fighters cant put these out on their own and we need some good ole Scottish rain. Never in all my years would i thought i would of missed the cold wet days of home.

From Australia, smoke through the house and we're not even in the bad parts, thank you.

Thankyou. Lucky here in WA 🇦🇺 for now. Mike's been fighting fires here and they're keeping on top of it. WA government do yearly burn offs to help prevent this sort of catastrophic fires from happening. It does help, but the conditions of this year's summer has been far worse than ever. High temperatures, strong winds and we didn't have enough rain over winter or spring. The seasons are erratic. From 23c to 36c in two days.. that's what this weekend is over here. Temps reaching 48c in other parts. I hope that rain comes to the Eastern states soon. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Normally at this point I’d ask for a tour down here, but maybe give it three or four months. 🙁 Thanks for the wishes though, it’s a comfort that the world is thinking of us.

Australia is such a beautiful country being despoiled by complacency and awful politicians.

Sending love and strength to the people in Australia 💖

Sadly it won’t ‘disappear’. People will have to actually do something. Fight fires, live radically different lives and vote out the politicians who seem to think it’s OK for Australia to be one of the highest producers of carbon emissions per head in the world.

From Adelaide SA, a heartfelt thank you ❣️

Our house in Nowra, NSW dodged a bullet. Thanks for thoughts. BTW sorry my bro spilled beer on H !!!

Somewhere between the size of the Netherlands and Croatia has been burnt. We are 50kms from the nearest main fire and our house reeks of smoke. Even New Zealand is being affected.

Sucks to live in Gippsland at the moment. Cheers for the message of support.

Thank you. Nearly 49 celsius here near Sydney.

Thanks for the support guys the east coast ablaze South Australia now and in the west as well

Love Australia 💗

Thoughts go out to all to be safe! Things can be replaced, lives can not! 🙏💖

So sorry to see what a state you are all in. No words. Xx

Horrendous and catastrophic.

Just landed home in Victoria... heading back to our house with fingers crossed

Thanks heaps. Would love to see you guys down here.

Pray for rain 🌧 - we desperately need it!

Thanks from Frankston

Thank you ❤️


Mi associo a questo triste momento che sta vivendo L Australia sperando che finisca tutto questo mi dispiace

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December 31st, 4:27 pm


To all our fans and friends around the world. Thank you for making 2019 such a wonderful year for us. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2020 and we will see you soon. Hurrah! 💖📣🇪🇺📀💿🎙 ... See moreSee less


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Thank you for the great concert in Essen in 2019. I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope to see you in 2020 again.

Well... it has been a great "Marillion year" for me, my first MWE ever in Port Zelande and a wonderful gig in Padova. Thank you all, above all H for the love. Happy 2020 guys!🤗

Happy New Year! Thanks for the 2019 Weekends! Looking forward to seeing you on CTTE 2020!

Happy New Year! Thank you for your music and especially the two fantastic nights in Essen!

Thanks to you guys for all your efforts in 2019!! Not easy putting those weekends and tours together and we all appreciate it ... and the efforts of Lucy and the rest of your team!! Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year guys. Look forward to the new album. Rock on!!!

Happy New Year from France ! Hope it will bring new beautiful songs 😃

We are the thankful. Marillion Weekend in Montreal and two night at RAH with friends from the orchestra made 2019 my favorite concert year of my life. Thank you.

Thank you all.. it has been a great year for me, my MWE in Łódź was wonderful and great gig in Oxford :) ... I love your music and all marillon family ...

Many thanks to You first ! Great Marillion year for me as it was my first Convention week-end (in Lisbon). Best wishes to the band, their family and all the fans around the World. Vert happy 2020 year to everybody.

And thank you for a wonderful 2019. All the very best wishes to everyone involved at Racket and out on the road 👍🏻🥳👍🏻

hello my favorite band. there are many years now that i m listing to you and many concert i have been. the last one was in cardiff on november but it was not simple to go there so it s why i ask you and i pray for you coming soon in britanny. why not at the festival "la route du rock " in st malo or at concert hall "la nouvelle vague". I hope so much you answer to my requier because we are so many here to love you. excuse me for my english and we all wish you a very good year.

All the best and look forward to seeing you again soon. Happy New Year to you and yours!

Happy new year Band ! Hope to see you in France ASAP ! Take care guys 👍🏼

Have a Happy New Year and please get the new album done!!!! Can’t wait to hear new music in 2021!!!!!

Happy Happy New Year Marillion and thank you so much for all the wonderful music all over the years.❤❤

Happy new year! Marillion Weekend at Port Zelande and two nights at the RAH, 2019 has been a wonderful Marillion year for me😎♥️!

I will always remember the first time you guys played the Albert Hall. Everything planned and raring to go. Then disaster struck. My girlfriend's mum passed away. To go or not to go? No contest. She very gracefully said we should go and see the band and enjoy every minute of it. We did and it will always be a lasting memory. Fact: She never thought Marillion live could be that rewarding emotionally. Wow ... Nothing to do with 2019 by the way, but that's trivial. Love to the band and everyone around you 😀

Very happy new year...thank you for the concert of Padova (Italy)

Wishing all the band and everyone who made 2019 such a fantastic year for Marillion music the very best. 2020 will be sad with no gigs but hopefully new music 🎼

Thank you and a Happy New Year to you all.Thank you for another great year of fabulous music.Can't wait to see you again.😎

If it wasn't for my son and you lovely people, the last few years would have been unacceptable. You have all touched my heart. Happy New year.

Wish you all and all of Marillion Band a very happy new 2020 year

Can't wait 2021! Best wishes Marillion. 🤩

Happy 2020 to all of you from Guayaquil, Ecuador.

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