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April 7th, 5:56 pm


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Fish is on at 6:00.

Definitely.... Is it a quiz on all things Marillion, or a general quiz hosted by Mr Kelly?

This should be fun... PRIZES? Cash?? Marillion t shirts... Bootlegs... Anything??? Word play, such as if Gandhi went barefoot most of the time, making his feet rough and calloused, and he ate a diet mainly of herbs, and veggies, giving him not so great breath, and a very frail frame of body, and he was known for practicing the mystic arts, what does that make him? A "SUPER CALLOUSED FRAGILE MYSTIC VEXED BY HALITOSIS!"

Wrong time... 😔 Good luck to the attendees!! Great idea!


I’m a sucker for a quiz. And a Marillion quiz? Hold me back. I’m so in!😃

Brilliant Looking forward to it 👍

Bonne idée en espérant que je comprenne les questions!!!😂

What about a Q&A with each band member ? 1 each week ?

I will be there, got nothing better to do !!!

Karen Jimenez - you should get Randy to do this. Im sure he would do well.



Cool thing!

Ansiosa já

Yes :)

Mark, I think you should take part.

Tim Pittman lets have a virtual Friday night date? Xx

Dalmo Mello

Gavin Martin


James Bryant

Phaedra Krol

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April 7th, 11:20 am


Another chat from Pete - this time it's about Gazpacho. ... See moreSee less

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I know you also use quite a few effect pedals. Is it possible to do a somewhat longer video digging into that matter because it is a bit of an uncovered area when it comes to bass playing. A separate video on your use of bass pedals in combination with your bass playing would also be really cool.

Just the best bassist in the world ! 🌎 🗺 👍

Brilliantly done. Never have I shown so much appreciation for the bass!! Apart from Seán Broderick playing as a teenager 😄😄

I’m now “hearing” songs differently since you started these videos-thank you 😊👏

Im beginning to love this quarantine. All these small bits from my favorite musicians are really great. Thanks Pete! :-)

I've been playing bass for over 20 years and have a been a self-proclaimed gear guru for the past 10-12, and have owned various Warwicks and Rics along the way. I would have sworn, bet, and lost money on being so sure that the bass used for this song on the album was a Rickenbacker! I realize that playing/picking aggressively and the wenge on the Warwick gives it some Ric-ish growl, and I've duplicated Ric tones with other basses and a combination of eq and tube gain, but I was SO sure (until now) that this bassline was all Rickenbacker and perfect studio engineering!

Thank you Pete. I love this bass line. One of the most special in my opinion. It gives the song this incredible drive. Really a magical musical creation. It is really interesting to watch your video for an absolute non musician

Such skill, to keep concentrating on your bass lines while so many other different sounds surround you during a live concert. Plus you sometimes sing, too. Great job, Mr. T!!!

Great! Fantastic! Outstanding!! Thank you so much dear Pete Trewavas. It's one of my Marillion songs that I like most, curiously... Or not :-) the bass lines are maybe the best reason for that! So good to see you! Here is a big hug to you from Lisboa!!

Love our Pete 😁 Anyone else singing “Saw you walking on your velvet lawn Is it lonely on the moon?” As he played lol ❤️

Pete love your tone! Your respect and admiration of McCartney and Squire only endear you to me more. Keep the videos coming!

Thanks for sharing Pete! Love the bass on that song! I find You're Gone an interesting base line of yours.

Great that people are able to fully appreciate your genius Pete, often overlooked but i hear your quality and variations loud and clear. This song is also very underated.

Thanks Pete, love watching these, great to hear some isolated parts and your thoughts behind them😊👍

The bassline from Quartz is what sparked my love of Marillion. Sixteen years ago, when I was a teenager, my dad was listening to Anoraknophonia downstairs and I went down to listen and that was it!

Absolutely loving you’re videos Pete.... makes my day !!

Why did you not do this in the 80s Pete?! I spent hours and hours learning Script, Fugazi, Real to Real and Childhood : )) Thanks! Great chat!

So great - and so funny at the end. Brilliant and human.🤣🤣🤣

Thank you Pete, my name is Laurent and i'am fan of your band, i would like to learn to play the songs of your band Marillion, but i can't find your tablatures, could you tell me where to find them, or do you give lessons by video? Thank you very much

So nice to hear these bass lines on their own. Sure the rest of the band often serves as nice accompaniment! 😊 (It might be obvious I’m a bass player too)

Thanks for posting! I love these videos. This is great in elevating our admiration for The Marillion Folk

I love these little insights we're getting from ths guys.💖💖

Really interesting - the bass is the standout instrument on most tracks on Afraid of Sunlight

My favorite thing about these bits is watching Pete just flip into another mode of playing when he’s illustrating his influences. “Here’s McCartney,” and he plays like McCartney. “Here’s Squire,” and he plays like Squire. And then presto, he plays the unique blend he put together for the song. Brilliant.

Love these Pete....and of course 2 of THE greatest bass players, 3 including you

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April 6th, 1:27 pm


Mark shares an update on his solo album and also talks about creating a song whilst socially distancing :-)

Mark Kelly
Happy Monday everyone. Hope you are all staying safe. Here is an update from me about how I created a song from my solo album which I will release at some point:) With @mrolliesmith
Henry Rogers
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Mark Kelly


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Can’t wait to add this to the incredible tapestry of music produced by the members of Marillion and the other wonderful collaborators! 😍

Thanks Mark, played guitar for many years. Using this lockdown (I have to do 12 weeks because of the medication i'm on) to learn how to use a DAW. Very interested to see how it works in the real environment.

Really good video Mark - would love to hear more about the solo album when time is right. I think you hit the space bar on your keyboard far too hard though!😜

Well even that little sample set the heart racing Mark. Looking forward to more in the future. Until then stay safe.....and keep your room tidier than Mr Hogarth's. 😊

Thanks for sharing this video Mark! As someone with no musical ability I was fascinated with how you created that from a small idea into a fantastic piece. Looking forward to hearing more!

Super cool. Thanks Mark for sharing!

great stuff Mark - been waiting for your solo LP for awhile 🎹👍🙋‍♂️🍷

Thank you. Fab. Lovely smile, as ever Mark. X

Cool stuff. Sounds amazing and interesting to see the various layers being constructed into the song. Will look forward to your solo album.

Love it! Can’t wait to hear the finished album.

Solo Album ?? what a great idea :-) - instrumental or with vocals ??


That sounds great 😊 thx for sharing Mark, and looking forward to listen to this track!

Wow Mark! That sounds brilliant already. I now can't wait for your solo album - you big tease!

So it is Logic indeed. How refreshing to see that your DAW looks like mine when I work on a song... only yours sounds better! 😄

Thaks for all! Fan since 1° Marillion Album. Things gone worse? Turn on the music.

That sounds promising! Looking forward to the whole thing! Xx

I like the track already. Good luck with the solo album - I'll look forward to it.

Goosebumps, sounds amazing 🤗

Sounding great and looking forward to the finished article

I could listen to just his piano lines all day

Makes genius look like making a cup of tea. Why doesn't my keyboard sound like that..? 😡

Discussed this in my recent interview with Mark on The Progressive Aspect. Here’s a link if you’re interested: theprogressiveaspect.net/blog/2020/04/04/mark-kelly/

A solo album from Mark? Yes, please!

Can't wait. That snip sounds amazing!

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