“Sweet or bitter in the memory, But an echo is all, all I can reach now...”Wrapped Up in Time
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May 16th, 4:02 pm


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Have an amazing time guys. So wish I could be there.xxx

Hope you have a great time in Canada.

um...this is number 5. 2009 then 2011 then 2013 then 2015 and now2019

Great night last night. Looking forward to tonight!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Have a wonderful weekend! 💖

wish I was there

Where's everybody hanging tonight ?

What a lovely theatre

Enjoy see you in November


Ooh my £17.71 paid for some of that

number 2 for me 🎼🎶🎸🎹🥁🎤❤️👍😀

The fleur-de-lys welcomes thee. <3

Bon week-end Marillion

With you in spirit!

Cameron Packer

Cameron Packer

Have a great time 🙂

On the way!

Welcome back to Montreal



Rick Cares

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May 14th, 8:16 pm


We're here... Are you coming? ... See moreSee less

Were here... Are you coming?


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I wish!! Leicester was amazing 😀

Hopefully next time 🤩 have a fantastic time! Happy belated Birthday h 🎂🍺🎉🎁 xx

I wish I could be there! Have a wonderful time and Happy Birthday, Mr. h xxx

I wish! Have a great weekend everyone!

I wish! Enjoy the weekend everyone!!! 🤟😁😍

Awesome venue. Saw Coldplay there.

No, sorry.. I wish.. I didnt win the jackpot on time... Have a great time Anyway!! ❤ Happy birthday h xx

So wish I was😓 Have a fantastic weekend guys.xx

Need you in Grand Rapids. My husband is a HUGE fan!

Wish I could. Sending love 💛

Considering it's 2 days later, I must have passed

Just 160km away but unfortunalty we won't be able to join you this year. Have a wonderful weekend ❤️

We waiting for you! Bienvenue au Quebec!

I’ll be there Wednesday. So excited for the weekend.

I have to wait until Tuesday November 12th this year to see them in Glasgow, it's going to be very a special night for me, because it will be my very first Marillion gig.

Yes! I'll be there for the 3 nights! My 1st ever Marillion Weekend and I just can't wait to see and hear you guys!!! 🤩🤘

No, and Ill tell you why, we went a couple of years ago, your show was outstanding like all the other ones I've seen. The problem with this venue, is standing, standing on the same spot for close to 3 hours is not how I like to see Marillion ans unfortunately, this is the only way. Have a great weekend.

Would love to come, its only a bit to far...😳🙈❤

Just finished my last work day..FREEDOM!😂 See you on Thursday!

I'll be arriving from NYC in 67 hours and 23 minutes. My first Weekend in Montreal. See you soon!

Was supposed to go, son got ill. Hopefully you’ll come to New Jersey next tour? Wishful thinking!!

Now in a tram in Amsterdam on my way to the airport. Arriving in the afternoon!

Flying up from New York City Friday!! First stop Brutopia before the show!

I hope you have a ball!

...wishes he could be there.

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